Case Study: How Tortuga Improved Their Amazon Profits by +2.5x

April 24, 2024


Tortuga is an Amazon native brand in the wellness space. With increased fees, product costs and lack of consolidated data from Amazon, the team recognised this challenge as an opportunity for growth.

Finding strategic actions from 3fin’s unit economics

By using 3fin’s unit economics, Tortuga was able to understand the profitability of each individual product. This led to focusing on products with better profitability and finding optimisation opportunities.

The changes were initiated in December 2023 and the strategic actions derived from 3fin helped Tortuga to increase their revenue by 35% and profitability by +2.5x.

Customer feedback

“We’ve always struggled understanding profitability. By using 3fin we have been able to increase our profitability and save +5 hours per week from crunching the numbers and focus on making decisions”

Results: A remarkable uplift in profit and simplification of operations

Focusing on profitable products and making minor tweaks helped Tortuga run a tighter business with clear objectives and positioning themselves for sustainable growth.

Tortuga experienced incredible results after 5 months of using 3fin:

  • 6.7% reduction in COGS
  • FBA Fee reduction of 6.2%
  • Reduced TACoS by +50%
  • Revenue growth of +35%
  • Profit growth of 250%

These aren't just numbers; they're incredible shifts that impact the bottom line.


With 3fin, Tortuga was able to consolidate all their data in a single place and make better decisions by focusing on what is important: what is my profitability and how can I improve it.

This strategic decisions helped Tortuga to increase their profitability and run a simpler portfolio without sacrificing sales.

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