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Know your business inside-out.
No more hidden costs.

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Accurate Profit Analysis

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Avoid Out-Of-Stock

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Take data-driven decisions.
Focus on profitability.

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Profit Optimization

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Real-time Insights

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Save +15 hours per week.
Automate repetitive tasks.

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Faster Execution

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Higher Productivity

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Understand your profitability with a 100% accurate P&L

Track your revenue, costs and profit in real-time by account, marketplace, ASIN-SKU or custom grouping. Our clearly structured P&L offers a deeper understanding of hidden fees and costs

We provide SKU-level analytics so you can make data-backed decisions to improve your portfolio profitability. Uncover high and low margin listings to reallocate resources. Model the profit impact of changes before deploying new initiatives

Profit & Loss functionality
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Instantly track and assess your core KPIs

We've built predefined dashboards so you can visualize important metrics that help you monitor and grow your Amazon business

Forget about downloading and consolidating thousands of reports to get ASIN-level sales & traffic data: conversion rate, sessions, page views, TACoS, average selling price and +20 more KPIs

Brand Manager functionality
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Allocate your advertising budget efficiently

We provide data-backed advertising spend optimization so you can boost margins. Gain real-time insights into your advertising spend, sales, KPIs and paid vs organic.

Ensure investment in Amazon PPC is efficient by tracking your TACoS, ACoS and RoAS at a product level. Understand the conversion uplift on advertising compared to your organic and total conversion rate to understand the impact of advertising on organic sales.

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Easily collaborate with your team

Enable smooth information sharing across your business teams and trusted external partners while maintaining full control over data access and permissions

Share clean, organized data in a secure environment without sacrificing control

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Our pricing is simple, flexible and grows with your business.
No hidden fees or set-up costs, varied access to all the features to boost your performance.

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Valuable resources for all Amazon sellers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What sets 3fin apart?

3fin is your one-stop business intelligence hub, specifically tailored for Amazon sellers. Our platform provides a comprehensive view of your Amazon business's key performance indicators and profit drivers, all in one place. With 3fin, you can:

  • Effortlessly analyse profit margins and trends, saving hours of manual work with our one-click setup.
  • Proactively manage inventory to prevent stock-outs and maximise profits through our supply chain assistant.
  • Gain strategic insights with real-time data, enabling you to spot trends and opportunities in your Amazon sales data.

What business insights can I gain from 3fin?

3fin proactively delivers valuable insights, such as:

  • Trends in profitability and sales for your top-selling products.
  • Whether you're on track to meet your financial targets.
  • Efficiency trends in marketing and advertising spend.
  • Key factors influencing your brand and product-level profit and loss.
  • Inventory management strategies to maintain optimal stock levels.

Who is 3fin designed for?

3fin is ideal for Amazon brands looking to scale their business with data-driven insights. Whether you're an emerging brand or an established seller, our platform is equipped to support your growth.

How quickly can I get started with 3fin?

Setting up with 3fin is as simple as a single click. You can get started instantly with a 14 days free trial, and begin to see your Amazon data consolidated in our system promptly.

Can I preview 3fin before committing?

Yes, you can schedule a demo to see 3fin in action and understand how it can benefit your business specifically. You can book a demo here.

Does 3fin support multiple marketplaces?

Currently, our software is designed to work exclusively with Amazon. However, we are diligently working to expand its functionality and integrate with other popular e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

We understand the importance of multi-channel management for businesses, and we aim to provide our users with a seamless experience across multiple platforms in the near future.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress! If you have any suggestions on what platforms we should work on next please send an email to

How does 3fin protect my data?

3fin adheres to the highest security standards, including best practices for Amazon SP-API integration. Our AWS-hosted infrastructure is designed with security at the forefront, ensuring that your data is protected and your business integrity is maintained.